Amazon Headline Search Ads

The news of opening Headline Search Ads to third-party sellers on Amazon is exciting – but some are concerned that with both third-party sellers and Vendors trying to get these ads, there will be an increased completion for keywords. Most likely this will translate into an increase in bids.

Until recently, Amazon Headline Search ads were only available to Amazon Vendors, exclusively through Amazon Marketing Services. These ads are extremely valuable, with perfect placement for raising awareness and driving traffic to these products.

Not Familiar with Headline Search Ads?

These specially placed ads are driven by keywords and show up across the top of Amazon searches. These ads are considered a crucial piece to a click funnel ad system, as their banner presence is driven by keywords. When a customer clicks on these Headline Search banner ads, their buying journey begins, and often they will browse the results.

Amazon Headline Search Ads can be found on both the Amazon mobile site as well as the Amazon mobile app.

How do I get an Amazon Headline Search Ad?

Before you can sell via Headline Search Ads, all third-party sellers must be accepted into the Amazon Brand Registry. This registry is designed to ensure that the seller is the brand owner for the products that are advertised.

One click into an Amazon Headline Search Ad can send consumers to 1. An Amazon Merchant Sales page; 2. A best-selling product; 3. A custom web address made of three parent products. Each of these can be strong options to route traffic to, depending on your search strategy and keywords.

Custom Web Address:

Sellers can select three of their parent products, take their respective ASIN numbers, and combine them to create a web address for a custom landing page. This is an excellent method to match top products with a customer search.

Top-Selling Products Page:

This simple landing page features a selection of your best-selling products. This style of a page can be useful to give the customer confidence in your products, based on reviews and purchases of others.

Amazon Merchant Services Brand Page

With these pages, Amazon allows sellers to create a mini homepage to feature their products. On this page, sellers can feature images, a selection of best-selling products, as well as a text box for content. On these pages, customers can see a larger selection of a seller’s products, as well as see a glimpse of reviews.