Meet Elizabeth

7 Figure Per Month Amazon Seller

Liz at Alex Beckers eventElizabeth Herrera, also known as Hurricane Liz Herrera, is an internet entrepreneur known for ability to recognize opportunity in the online marketplace and seize it. In 2015, she was recorded to have made Multi-Millions of Dollars via selling on Her “secret” at the time was using YouTube to expand her reach to her audience and grab the attention of her customers. She also specializes in Amazon headline search ads.

Leveraging her ability to recognize undervalued opportunities, Elizabeth Herrera continues to grow and scale her physical product businesses on Amazon into 7-Figure per month revenue generating businesses. Her brands and companies continue to be successful in 2017.

E-Commerce Coach & Consultant

Elizabeth is also known for her sharing and Pay-It-Forward philosophy in life. Taking on apprenticeships and mentoring hundreds of people, Liz ‘Hurricane’ Herrera spreads her wealth of knowledge to those who are willing to learn Internet Marketing and skills of business.

Furthermore, Liz takes on individuals and businesses as her partners and or clients. Similar to her own businesses, these partners and clients get to experience the fruits of her labors as she continues to seek and find opportunities in the online marketplace for growth.

In the image, Liz is seen coaching thousands of up and coming entrepreneurs live on the Tai Lopez Show – an online show hosted by internet entrepreneur and influencer Tai Lopez, founder of Knowledge Society.

Internet Marketing Keynote Speaker

Elizabeth Herrera has been called upon by many marketers and entreprenuers to speak at their events. She has been a keynote speaker at OMG Live 2015, OMG Live 2016, Mass Conversions Live 2016, Alex Becker’s Ten Pillars of Wealth, and the Amazon Millionaire Summit 2015 (just to name a few).

Known for her eccentric personality, energetic presentations, and humor – Liz has been coined Elizabeth ‘Hurricane’ Herrera – because she always brings in a storm of excitement and intrigue to events.

Parallel to her coaching, mentoring, and partnerships; Elizabeth speaks with the primary intent to bring value to her audience, showing them how they can leverage internet marketing opportunities to grow their physical products businesses and become financially independent.

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